February 11, 2018

Video: Graduation Money Lei

It's that time of year again, where graduation lei orders are coming in, not just ANY graduation lei orders, but Graduation Money Lei orders!!! I have 3 more to work on, but this one was a RUSH order. Get this, this one is going to a Korean Pop Star in Korea!!! I met a new friend, through a mutual friend, and she was on her way to Korea. I made this lei during the weekend, and with my new long nails too!!! Below is a video of me creating the lei, I sped it up. It's fun to watch!! I love watching my fingers go to work on those dollars. Here is the finished lei!

Thanking the Lord for the talent and patience that HE has blessed me with to create these beauties.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you've enjoyed this post!!!


"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within ME!!!" 
~Psalm 51:10~

February 10, 2018

Valentine Nails

Well, I finally found a great nail tech that I can trust with my nails again. His name is Danny Le and he is the owner of Friendly Nails, LLC in Kailua, HI. He specializes in long beautiful nails, he's quick and he's so talented and gifted in designing and beautifying nails. I showed him an image of nails that I wanted, and instead he gave me something I knew I wanted, but didn't know I wanted. LOL!! So truly blessed to have been able to go and see him. Special shout out and thanks to Teri who texted Danny and asked him to take me in. Now to get used to some crafting in these nails!!!


"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within ME!!!" 
~Psalm 51:10~

February 9, 2018

Hello Again

Aloha Gang!! 

It's been awhile... so many things to catch you all up with. First, we went on a spontaneous trip to LA, meeting up with my husband when he was on his way home from a business trip. We all met up in LA, and met with my oldest boy and his wife. We had a couple days in DisneyLand and other days just hanging out and spending time together. It was such a blessing. We were even able to meet up with our cousins and one of my hubby's school mate. Here are some pics taken from our trip....

On our flight to LA, me n' my buddy-boy!

Dessert at Frost Bites

 A visit to my son's college, it was such a beautiful day, the sky was soooo blue n' made everything just so PRETTY!!!

Our 1st day at Disney... me n' mu DIL

My son and his wifey...

 Took a quick family photo just as we entered. My oldest wasn't with us at this time.

The couple that took our pic also took a selfie of themselves... too cute!!

Our first ride... loved this ride. It goes so fast, and yet I don't think it's as scary as a roller coaster. It's the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride.

My hubs sneaking in a kiss, while my DIL and youngest son are on rides. :)

Ran into one of Hawaii's Local News Castors... Trini Kaopuiki. After I saw her with these ears, I had to snag me my own!! Thanks Trini for taking a pic with me....

Just us 3 in front of the Castle.....

At the end of night #1, we all took a pic before the night was over.

I thought I was at a great start with my project life album that I started working on... but after going on this trip, I kinda fell behind. Now thinking of going back to digital scrapbooking. UGH!! So many different choices... just need to stick to ONE!!!!


"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within ME!!!" 
~Psalm 51:10~

January 21, 2018

Stencil Embossing With The Big Shot and RAK's

Aloha Friends,

I found this on the web... Thought this would be helpful for those that have plastic stencils or metal stencils that would like to use with the big shot, here is a quick guide on how to run it through your machine. I have yet to try it... 

Image may contain: text

Some other things I wanted to share were these handmade cards I received this past Christmas from my sweet crafty friends. These ladies are a part of my crafting circle and comes and crafts with me. Praying that this year I will be able to commit to a session with these ladies once a month!!!

Created by Irene

Created by Wini
Another handmade item I received was from my sweet friend, Lala. She and I have recently re-connected. I know a bunch of my crafty friends from back in the day remembers her. I think we lost contact for about 10 years, and now the Lord has brought her back into my life, just by her replying to one of my emails, checking to see if I remembered her. No can forget a sweet personality like hers. :)  This item was created by Kuroko Mori, you can find her on InstaGram under @kurokomari. 

Isn't it just darling? I love it and love that it is jingling on my key ring. Thank you, Lala!!! 

Thanks for visiting!! Hope your weekend was a blessed one!!!


"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within ME!!!" 
~Psalm 51:10~

January 20, 2018

You Hog My Heart - Short Video Clip

Greetings!!! I am sharing a short video of a card I created inspired by Jennifer McGuire's video. I will post a link to her video at the bottom of this post. 

Here are still shots of the card I created:

Front Panel

Inner Panel

Here is Jennifer McGuire's video that inspired me:

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"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE" 
~1 Corinthians 13:13~

January 19, 2018

Storing Photo Christmas Cards

What to do with all those Christmas photo cards you received?? Here's an idea..... I took a 5 x 7 spiral bound notebook, and affixed a Christmas card to each page, I used ATG tape (double sided tape). 

For the cards that have pics on both sides, I affixed the cards using washi tape to one edge of the card, so that I can flip the card and see the other side easily. 

I also wrote the family's mailing address on the same page, so that I will have it ready for next year! (You can see it blacked out on the bottom/side of the pages). My pastor's wife says her n' her hubby pulls out a card each day, and pray for each family. This is a great idea, and with this book, just gotta turn the page each day and pray for a new family each day. 

I hope that this idea has inspired you to store your photo Christmas Cards this way. I still have plenty of room for upcoming years of photos, and love that I can keep them all in one place, AND it isn't too bulky like photo albums. 


"Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within ME!!!" 
~Psalm 51:10~

January 18, 2018

Project Life In 2018

Hola Crafty Friends!! Thinking of trying out this style of scrapbooking, this year. It’s called “Project Life”, where you basically create along the way as life happens. So printing out pics immediately or right after it happens, and adding a bit of journaling to explain the pics on the pages, and any type of embellishments too!!! I thought it would be perfect since I have both printables and physical stock to use. I found it easier and fun to be able to journal via computer, and then have it printed out. All pics were printed on my printer, and then I cut out each according to the size of the sheets. The album and photo sheets are from Fun Stampers Journey (www.funstampersjourney.com/jenyoung). Each set of Pocket Photo Pages comes with a “size map” that shows the size of each photo pocket, so I know what size to print each photo (scroll below to see a pic of what I am pertaining to). Then I print on a 8-1/2 x 11 glossy photo sheet, and cut the photos out. I love the set of photo pockets that FSJ offer, they have several packages, with a variety of photo pockets with different layouts.
Page 1 - Starting this album with pics from our Annual Family Winter Trip to WA

Pages 2 & 3: I cut out some digital elements from Doodlebug Digital Designs, and adhered them to random photos.

The album that I have here is a black album, sized at 6” x 8”. It also came with 10 pocket pages. There are 2 rings in the middle, and easily pull apart to add/remove paper or pocket pages. As I create these pages, I know I will be adding more “here n’ there”... it’ll be fun!!!
This page is incomplete!
Here is page 4, it’s incomplete. I still need to journal and add embellishment(s) to this page. Will post it again, when I get done with it.
Products that I used from Fun Stampers Journey are:
  • Black Licorice Journey Days Album - JD-0016
  • Variety Packs of Photo Pages: JD-0019; JD-0020 & JD-0021
As promised, here is a picture of the “size map” that is provided on one of the pocket page sets...